Provided by the Connecticut D-STAR Group

The purpose of this reflector is to facilitate the creation of a New England/Northeast D-STAR network where all gateways in the region can gather. This would allow users to travel in the region and continue to communicate with their fellow D-STAR users in a somewhat seamless fashion when out of the range of their local repeater.

Users from all areas are welcome.

This is an ENGLISH speaking reflector. Please speak ENGLISH when connected. 


Please DO NOT automatically beacon your DPRS position. Beacon only on PTT. 

Please DO NOT cross-link different modes!!

Only D-STAR connections are allowed



PORT Assignments


Port A ==> Emergency use ONLY


Port B ==> open for general usage

  Port C ==> PERMALINKING. This is where the majority of gateways should link.

Port D ==> Digital DATA Communications or other testing
Port E ==> can be used for ECHO testing only.
                         (Does not support normal communications by design)

Please relinquish usage of the reflector when emergency communications occur, regardless of what the stated port assignments are above.

It is the responsibility of ALL gateway owners to inform their user to program their radios with the "G" in RPT2 so they will be heard across the reflector. One sided conversations are annoying! Gateways with users failing to do this risk being banned from the reflector.
If you want to schedule a Net or other activity on one of the Reflector Ports, please notify the CTDSTAR Group management team so we can avoid scheduling conflicts with other Nets, activities, maintenance, or upgrades during the event.
If you are experiencing any problems with the reflector please contact the CTDSTAR Group management team and we will try to resolve them ASAP.

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