This program has ended for 2021!!
 Please submit all logs by 1/31/2022. Thank you for participating. WAR69




The CT D-STAR GROUP announces the WORKED ALL REFLECTOR 69 Certificate Program

REFLECTOR 69C, the place you ought to be.

This unprecedented initiative is launched to give D-Star users a further motivation to get on the air and therefore support, improve and promote D=Star amateur activity using Reflector 069 (REF069 A, B, C).

 This initiative, which we call WORKED ALL REFLECTOR 69 is indeed unprecedented its aim, reflected in its format, is to get people on the air on REF069 to initiate and to respond to calls and make as many contacts as possible over the duration of the event.

Duration: January1, 2021December 31, 2021.

Modes: D-Star and via the PNUT app

Scope of the event: Keep in mind that this is not a competition.

Click on Worked all REF69 instructions for further information.

Also download the WAR69 LOG Sheet (includes examples)


Sample Certificate

WORKED ALL REF69 instructions


WAR69 Log sheet


Worked All Reflector 69 FAQ